ABOUT UPside Energy Management Inc.


ABOUT UPside Energy Management Inc.

Upside Energy Mgmt. Inc., is the Canadian Distributor of the AircoSaver™, the intelligent air conditioning, compressor controller, that will assist commercial and industrial Customers in reducing their energy consumption, demand, emissions and operating expenses by a minimum average of 20%. Over 8 years ago we conducted pilots of this solution with organizations like Toronto Hydro, their Customers, and the Ontario Power Authority. They confirmed savings of 20%+, and have paid out significant incentives to every customer ever since who has retrofitted their equipment with this solution. AircoSaver™ has been implemented internationally since the year 2000 and is now in its 4th version, with many “blue chip” companies and levels of Government, taking advantage of its energy reduction capabilities. Contact us for a no obligation business case.

For many companies today A/C makes up a sizeable portion of their electricity spend, and this has been increasing due to hotter summers and higher Kwh rates.  A/C is also responsible for higher Utility Demand (Kw) charges/penalties, which can make up a large portion of your bill. This is especially true for Class A Hydro Customers in Ontario.

Fortunately now there is a relatively inexpensive retrofit solution, the AircoSaver™, which will reduce both your Kwh and Kw on your existing A/C units by a minimum average of 20%, while maintaining comfort levels. Incentives in Provinces like Ontario for commercial Customers are usually 50% of the installed price, making ROIs very attractive. Today, it seems that not a week goes by without some mention in the media of the higher electricity rates that are expected in both the short and longer terms. Now you can do something about it.